Green and Hybrid Car Rentals

Good for the Planet, Good for Your Wallet

It's easy to go "green" with Travelocity! Not only do we feature rental car companies with plenty of eco-friendly cars to choose from, but you'll find all green and hybrid cars clearly marked with our leaf logo. This makes it even simpler to find rentals that are right for the environment--and right for you.

Save the Planet

Worried about global warming? Hybrid cars produce up to 90% fewer pollutants than their gas-guzzling equivalents, which makes for a healthier ozone layer. These eco-friendly cars also use gasoline more efficiently, reducing the demand for oil drilling and preventing related environmental damage.

Save Money, Too

Renting green isn't just good for the environment--it's also great for your wallet. Hybrid cars boast amazing fuel efficiency, getting anywhere from 48 to 60 miles per gallon (MPG). With the U.S. average for passenger cars at 22.4 MPG, that means that hybrid cars provide up to nearly 30% in fuel savings. And that's some "green" you can take to the bank.

Looking for more ways to make a positive impact? Reduce your carbon footprint by choosing green hotels, join Go Zero™ in offsetting travel-related carbon emissions, or take good intentions abroad with Travelocity's amazing Voluntourism program.

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