From the Price, To the Room, To the Trip, It’s Guaranteed!!

We hope scenarios like the ones listed below never happen to you, but in the unlikely event they do, our Guarantee has you covered. Our employees work hard to ensure that with Travelocity, "you'll never roam alone." Book with us to enjoy the peace-of-mind associated only with the Travelocity Guarantee. If something isn't right on your trip and you inform us immediately, we'll work with our partners to make it right, right away.

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The Price:

You find a qualifying lower rate after you make your booking: If you find a qualifying lower rate than the one you booked on Travelocity and complete the guarantee form in a timely manner we'll refund you the difference between what you paid and this lower price.

The Room:

Your hotel's amenities are not as promised: If you haven't left yet, we'll contact you when we learn of a change to a feature or amenity promised by your hotel. And, if you arrive at your hotel to find that an amenity is not as described on our website--for example the pool is closed--contact us immediately and we'll find a comparable hotel for you at no additional cost (unless you decide to upgrade, which will be at your own expense).

Your hotel pool is closed: If we learn of an issue from any of our partners or customers that might make your trip less enjoyable--like a pool closure--we'll contact you before your trip and let you know.

You arrive at the hotel and it's overbooked or has lost your reservation: If this happens to you, we'll work directly with the hotel to get you a room in that hotel or a comparable one at no extra charge to you. Any upgrades, however, will be at your own expense.

You paid for an upgraded room (such as a room with a view) but didn't get it: If you arrive at your hotel room to find that your ocean view is of something different than what you booked, call us immediately, and we'll ask the hotel to honor their commitment to you, or find you a room with an ocean view at a comparable hotel at no extra cost (any upgrades will be at your own expense).

The Trip:

You entered in the wrong information when making your booking: If you purchase electronic airline tickets and notify us by 11:59PM (Central Time) on the same calendar date of your purchase that you've booked the wrong dates, names, or flight times, we'll let you cancel your airline tickets without charging a cancellation fee. (This policy does not apply to Porter Airlines, Spirit Airlines, USA 3000 Airlines or to packages.)

Your trip is threatened by a potential hurricane. If the threat of a hurricane makes makes traveling to your destination unsafe, we'll contact you to give you the opportunity to change your travel plans, and then we'll work with our travel partners to make any itinerary changes at the most reasonable cost to you.

You find out that your flight schedule has changed. If we are notified by the airline that they have changed your flight schedule, then we will contact you by phone or email to let you know. If the new itinerary provided by the airline isn't valid, we request that you get back in contact with us immediately so that we can re-accommodate you according to the airline's policy, subject to availability. The longer you wait to call us back, however, the fewer options you will have.

You find out your flight has been cancelled: If your airline cancels your flight and you're stuck without help to find a hotel for the night, we'll do the legwork to locate a hotel that meets your needs at a reasonable price.

You reserved a certain type of car but it's unavailable: If you get to the rental car counter and the car type you reserved is sold out, we'll work with that rental company or another company to get you the car-type you booked (any upgrades will be at your own expense).