Why are these hotels green?

As a member of the Tourism Sustainability Council, Travelocity is proud to be using a set of global standards by which the sustainable practices of hotels can be measured. The Baseline Criteria for Sustainable Tourism, as launched in October 2008, provide a common understanding of sustainable tourism and focus on the most critical aspects of sustainable tourism: maximizing tourism’s social and economic benefits to local communities; reducing negative impacts on cultural heritage; reducing harm to local environments; and planning for sustainability.

Travelocity’s Green Hotel Directory works with green hotel certifiers and programs whose standards closely align with the TSC’s criteria. Each of the hotels in our directory has been endorsed by a leading green hotel certification provider, appears in the Rainforest Alliance's Eco-Index of Sustainable Tourism, or is making significant strides in at least three of the four areas the TSC’s criteria.

About the Tourism Sustainability Council

The Tourism Sustainability Council is a global coalition of public and private sector members comprised of UN bodies, research and academic institutions, social and environmental NGOs, certification programs, and sustainable travel providers. The mission of the TSC is to foster increased knowledge and understanding of sustainable tourism practices and the adoption of universal sustainable tourism principles.